FP Testimonials

Florian Popa

Florian Popa is a world renown clarinetist from Romania living in Bilboa Spain, specialist in modern and contemporary music, also an innovator in clarinet and saxophone technology…



Josep Fuster Martínez
(Principal clarinet from Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and professor of clarinet SMUC)
`With the ligature and barrel FP I obtain good projection and a very centered sound. Their design produces and facilitates a very natural and easy sound ́

Karl Leister
(Soloist clarinet from Berlin Phillarmonic Orquestra)
`Your ligature FP is very warm and velvet in sound. For me it is very interesting for chamber music, because of a wonderful harmony in sound ́

Harry Sparnaay
(Bass clarinet international soloist)
`The ligatures FP are SUPER!!! ́

Bill Jackson
(Principal clarinet Colorado Symphony Orchestra)
`The barrel FP that you sent is very good ́

Henri Bok
(Professor Bass Clarinet Rotterdam Conservatorium)
`I have tried the ligatures FP you gave me and liked them. They are A-MA-ZING!!! ́

Wolfgang Meyer
(International soloist and professor of clarinet at Karlsruhe Germany)
`My students and I are delighted with the ligature FP, which has a velvet sound. Ich und meine Studenten sind begeistert von der Ligature FP. Es klingt weich und rund ́

Raphael Sanders
(Associate Professor at the University of New York and President of ICA in the state of New York)
`I really like the ligature FP. It warms-up my sound and helps connections ́

Nick Carpenter
(Soloist clarinet with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC)
`Your barrels as well as having a warmer sound seem to have a more even scale. The ligatures also add to the warmth of sound enabling me to achieve a darker sound which is what I have been looking for ́

David Jean-Baptiste
(International multi-clarinet soloist)
`Florian you sent me three ligatures one for bass clarinet, one for the contra-bass clarinet and the third a metal ligature made from gold and silver for B flat clarinet which I use on my C clarinet. They are all sublime…They have a resonance, using these ligatures create a space and openness to my sound like never before ́

Kyrill Rybakov
(Professor of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory)
`J’ai beaucoup aimé Vos ligatures en bois pour la clarinette, notamment pour la clarinette basse, ça donne une sonorité riche et chaleureuse, surtout dans le registre aigu, il devient plus rond et par conséquence le diapason est plus homogène. En plus, vos ligatures donnent à la couleur du son des côtes du matériau vivant et naturel. Félicitations, une belle réussite! ́

John C. Scott
(Associate Dean for Admissions Professor of Clarinet University of North Texas) `I was quite impressed by both the ligature and the barrel, especially by the ligature. It lends a beautiful cover to the tone without taking away flexibility,
the same as the barrel´

Eric P. Mandat
(Professor of clarinet Southern Illinois University Carbondale)
`I like a lot of things about your FP ligature for soprano clarinet. The sound in general is very nice. I like the frequencies of the vibrations using the ligature. You have your own unique double life, a fantastic performer and fantastic craftsman! I love your bass ligature FP ́

Jim Gillespie
(Professor of clarinet University of North Texas)
`I like the ligature and barrel FP very much. The blowing/resistence have a mellow tone. They are fine products ́

Miguel Espejo
(Clarinet soloist with the Orquesta RTVE)
`The ligatures and barrels FP are marvellous. They are perfect for reformed clarinets ́

Rocco Parisi
(Bass clarinet international soloist)
`I would like to thank you for your FANTASTIC ligature FP. I have tried it and I am playing with it ́

Paolo De Gaspari
(Bass Clarinet international soloist)
`The ligature FP for bass clarinet is fantastic!!! There are no ligatures on the market at this time with the same quality. The sound is large, free and always centered. A pity we did not know each other sooner ́

Alain Billard
(Soloist Ensemble Intercontemporain)
`The ligatures FP are of very fine quality ́

Justin O’Dell
(Professor of clarinet Michigan State University)
`I have tried the components FP in some rehearsals and have found them to be as terrific as they are innovative. Thank you for your work that benefits the professional clarinet community. The ligature FP is a fantastic idea. I also enjoyed reading your thoughts on these products on your website. I look forward to showing these products FP to my students at my university. I hope to see you again at the next ClarinetFest ́

National Orchestra of Spain
`Thank you Florian for your investigation. You have achieved the ideal ligature which is firstly a “living” material that enriches the vibration and resonance of the mouthpiece. I also takes in very naturally, all the surface of the reed and has minimum contact with the mouthpiece which allows more harmony, I have the sensation that everything is easier with this ligature FP which produces exceptional quality of sound ́

Ulrich Drechsler
(Bass clarinet international soloist Vienna,Austria)
́Florian: your ligatures & reeds are simply INCREDIBLE!!! For me the most important aspects in music are sound and emotion because every listener is able to understand and feel this. So I have a very strong idea about the way I want to sound. On my life-long journey to get nearer to my sound and to play some meaningful notes from time to time you have helped me now with your wonderful products to do some more steps into the right direction. Especially the new prototype of the wooden bass clarinet ligature you’ve given to me is just a dream. And in combination with your wonderful reeds it’s even still better. Thank you so much for creating these beautiful ligatures. Thank you so much for being such a beautiful person & artist! ́

Michael Perricone
(Bass clarinet soloist Texas,USA)
`It was indeed fortunate that I was asked by my colleagues to listen to them play on your ligature FP at the ICA conference. It resulted in not only my buying one for my bass clarinet mouthpiece but my stand partner also bought one after hearing me play. He was immediately impressed with the difference. The response, sensitivity and evenness of sound is remarkable ́

Paul Roe
(Bass clarinet international soloist)
`The ligatures FP are very nice. I’ve mainly used the clarinet one at the moment and I find the biggest improvement for me is with the reduction in the upper clarinet register ‘grunt’, if you know what I mean by that. Basically I find I’m much less likely to get that slight undertone on attacks in the upper clarinet register and also wide intervals don’t seem to produce this undertone as much, which is great. I think the response is a little quicker in articulation. I haven’t played the bass a lot recently but again the ligature FP feels really nice ́

Emiliano Clarinet Quartet
`The components FP, ligature and barrel, are fantastic.
The sound is velvet and always centered and sweet….marvellous!! ́

Luc Lee
(International Bass Clarinet Soloist)
`I like FP ligature very much!! It’s very good component!! I am happy to recommend FP components on Facebook. I will continue to recommend FP component. Thank you very much!!´

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