Playing Music with Passion

Playing Music with Passion


What drives your passion positively?

Playing Music with Passion

Passion sometimes reaches boiling point. What happens when your passion for something, someone or a situation in your life was so intense it was on fire, burning inside you with life?
Passion is it!!!
You need to locate your passion button and turn it on. Can you think of a time when you felt passionate towards something you did or someone in your life?
Passion is the magical elixir that makes things happen.
What are you positively passionate about?
What do you love?
What gives you strongest feeling positively?
What makes you sizzle?
What melts you?
Where are you?
What are you doing?
Explain the scenario in detail.

What do you hear see and feel?
What’s in the picture?
How are you dressed?
Is there any color you focus on the most?
As you think of it is it a movie or a picture in still frame?
Is it in color or in black and white?
Is the image on the right, the left or centre weighted?
Is the image positioned up, middle or down?
Is the image bright, dim or dark?
Is the image life-size bigger or smaller than life-size?
Is the image near you or further away?
How does your level of pleasure change when you bring it closer to you?
Is the speed of the image fast medium or slow?
Is there a particular element focused on consistently?

Are you in the picture or watching it from afar?
Does the image have a frame or is it picture panoramic?
How does making your picture 3 dimensional change the level of pleasure you feel?
Is there a particular color that impacts you the most?
From what viewpoint are you looking at the picture, are you looking down on it, up at it, from the left or right or at an angle?
Is there anything else that triggers strong feelings?
Find the zoom lens of your camera and zoom in.
Are there sounds in the picture? Is there a sound that impacts the level of pleasure you feel the most?
Are you saying something to yourself or hearing it from others? How do you hear or say it?

What specifically do you hear or say? How many sounds are there, and where do they come from?
If you are imagining the sound of someone’s voice experiment with different inflections and accents.
What does raising the volume do to the level of pleasure you feel?
What tonality is it? Are there deep and bass sounds and or higher ones?
Are they even or changing sounds?
At what pace do you hear it, how fast is it?
Can you feel the music in your body?
How does the rhythm and vibration impact the level of pleasure you feel?
Does it speed up or does it slow down?
Where is the sound coming from?
Is the sound melodic or unmelodic?
Is the sound in harmony or noisy?
Is the sound regular or unusual?

Do you hear it more in one ear than the other?
If there is a voice is there inflection in it?
Are certain words emphasized?
How long does the sound last?
Is there something unique about the sound?
Is there anything else that triggers strong feelings?
Now double the feeling and the passion…and then again.
As you remember this pleasurable experience, how does changing the feeling elements intensify or decrease your pleasure?
Does raising the temperature intensify the level of pleasure you feel?
Did you notice a texture change, rough or smooth?
Is the sensation on touch rigid or flexible?
Is there vibration?
How intensely do you feel the vibration?
Is there an increase or decrease of pressure?

Where was the pressure located?
How was your pulse rate?
Was there an increase of tension or relaxation?
Was there movement if so what was the direction and speed?
How was your quality of breathing, deep and even? Where did it end/start?
Enjoy the weight, possibly of your feet on the ground, are they heavy or light?
Are the feelings steady or intermittent?
Did it change size or shape?
We’re feeling coming into body or going out?
What is the quality of air on skin, thicker than air?
Lighter than water?
Is there anything else that triggers strong feelings?
Was the aroma sweet, musty or fragrant? Was the aroma uplifting or relaxing?
Find your passion button, step into it and fire up your intention in motion.

David Jean-Baptiste

The Wellness Clarinet LTD


Playing Music with Passion

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